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We've been buying and selling these nostalgic collectibles from the '60s/'70s for over 20 years.
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Bob Young, Chief Archeologist
Bob discovers collections and arranges for top dollar to their owners
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We’re a Book! Available Now!

Redline Archeology:
A History of Diggin’ Up Original Hot Wheels Collections

It’s the Hot Wheels hobbiest very first book on the secrets to discovering rare, original collections. Written by our chief archeologist, Bob Young recounts the inside story on becoming one of the most unique and successful collectors in the hobby today. Order now at Amazon and own this incredible tell all book.

Amazon Reviews

4.8 out of 5 Stars Composite Rating!
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"What a coming of age story to those of us who can relate to growing up in the 1960's ! It was a time when technology didn't control our daily lives, we had to actually play with our friends or toys , not our phones. Bob's stories are humorous and insightful as they relate to both children and adult collectors."

"An awesome book with an easy read!"

"Reading this book was like having the private conversation you always wanted to have with an expert. Besides bringing me back to my days of building yellow tracks of joy and racing the coolest cars imaginable, I learned so much more!"

Watch Bob Young give a tour of the amazing Redline Archeology collection on Philly's Channel 17 "Weekend Philler"

Watch Bob appraise the collection of Philly's Channel 17 "Weekend Philler" host Tony Romeo

Watch Bob Young talk about Redlines and more on CW's "Unplugged!"

Watch CBS 8's feature story on the Bob Young Redline Collection!
What treasures are collecting dust in your attic? We've uncovered some of the most owner-lucrative '60s/'70s Hot Wheels® collections in long forgotten attic spaces.
Overhead Value!
Overhead Value!
What treasures lie above?
Storing long-forgotten '60s/'70s Hot Wheels® collections in basements has been a trove of value for our clients.
Revenue from below
Revenue from below
Are you burying hidden windfall?
The great memories you made as children playing with your beloved 1960s/1970s Hot Wheels® now can bring you a great return.
Great memories yield great returns.
Great memories yield great returns.
What Hot Wheels® have you kept from your childhood?

Recent Collectibles Bought

South Philly Collection
South Philly Collection
Original Hot Wheels owner from South Philly in original 1970 package!
Inside South Philly Collection
Inside South Philly Collection
So many variations in original packs! One for the history books.
Latest Collection Arrives!
Latest Collection Arrives!
Original Hot Wheels collection from Collingswood, NJ
A Complete Collection
A Complete Collection
Redline Archeology recently acquired a late 60s full collection!
Includes Original Promo Materials
Includes Original Promo Materials
Pristinely preserved promotional materials.
Rod Runner
Rod Runner
Original packaging of the incredible Dual-Lane Rod Runner Hand Shift Power Booster!
Display Detail
Display Detail
Excellent condition of beautiful Hot Wheels!
Original Promo Material
Original Promo Material
Promotional booklet and pins!
Complete and Intact
Complete and Intact
A total Hot Wheels® late 1960s collection, kept in fantastic condition
Original Collector's Catalog
Original Collector's Catalog
This collection is all inclusive, and contains the catalog and extra surf boards!
The Collingswood Collection!
The Collingswood Collection!
Beautiful Hot Wheels® and promotional materials. Uncovered and now part of the total collection at Redline Archeology!

Redline Archeology – The Place to Sell Your Old Hot Wheels®

Redline Archeology searches for Old Hot Wheels® from the 60s & 70s
Known as "Redlines," Hot Wheels were first produced by Mattel in 1967 and released in 1968 to the general public. An immediate hit, they brought uncounted hours of joy to millions of children in the late 60s and 70s – and the beloved place they hold in the memories of today's boomers make them sought after keepsakes of those happy times.

Redline Archeology pays more than reasonable prices for clean Hot Wheels cars, race sets, store displays, prototypes, and accessories. If you were a child of the 60s and 70s and still have your old Hot Wheels cars in storage and want to sell, please call for a free no obligation estimate.

Your mementos mean top dollars. Get in touch with us, the premier toy car collector of redline Hot Wheels!
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Our Founding Archeologist

Our Founder
Bob Young has been digging up and collecting Redline Hot Wheels® for over 20 years.
The "Silhouette"
Bob Young's first Hot Wheel® was The Silhouette, one of the cars released in the 1968 Hot Wheels "Sweet Sixteen" series.
Bob Young
A Hot Wheels® Redline expert, Bob not only discovers collections, he arranges for top dollar be paid to their owners.
Hot Wheels® Convention
Bob Young would love to meet you at this year's Hot Wheels national collectors' convention.

Take the Tucson Tour

Take the Carrier Mills Tour

Take the Phoenix Tour

Just some of the highlights from the TUCSON, AZ collection. Enjoy! Here's the latest collection out of Carrier Mills, Illinois dug up by REDLINE ARCHEOLOGY. "It's all about THE HUNT!" Most recent childhood collection dug up by REDLINE ARCHEOLOGY. This collection came out of Phoenix, Arizona. Mint loose Tune Up Tower as well!

Why Dig Redline Archeology?

Top Dollar Paid

Our depth of experience and knowledge – from 20 years of discovering and collecting Redline Hot Wheels® – means we know the value and can offer the best prices for your precious collectibles.

Finder's Fees!

In addition to paying top dollar for your collection, we pay a Finder's Fee to any collection you recommend we ultimately acquire.


We've been collecting Redline Hot Wheels® for over 20 years and have built a reputation for fairness in business and reliable transactions.

We Love Hot Wheels®

We know your collection is an extension of your past. We know because these were our childhood memories, too. We treat all collections with the awe and respect they deserve.

We Want Your Hot Wheels®

Are you downsizing, divorcing, or moving and ready to reduce your belongings? It's the perfect time to turn your Hot Wheels® into cash.
Cash in Your Attic
Cash in Your Attic Sell Your Collection
Your attic may be holding unfound treasure. Are you storing your Hot Wheels® and accessories up there? Turn your overhead into financial gain!
Basement Opportunity
Basement Opportunity Sell Your Collection
You're living on top of potential cash. Are you storing your Hot Wheels® down below? Clean out while you clean up. We pay top dollar!